Sales Development Specialist

Brooklyn, New York, United States · Sales

Description is the largest community of craft beer drinkers looking to find the beers they love, and the businesses that serve the beers they love. Over 25,000 businesses have already created business accounts on BeerMenus. Our biggest challenge, is also the biggest opportunity. +25,000 businesses, and growing, makes it so that we have more interest than we can reasonably engage with. So, what’s next? The most fun part of any startup, of course, SCALE! and in this case, scale, yet again.

The role will be tasked with reaching out to, and scheduling meetings with the hundreds of interested businesses that reach out each month. Yes, you read that correctly, the businesses you will call reached out to BeerMenus first. While the interest is inbound it does not make the role any easier because this simply means we expect more of every person who enters this office.

The role will include a one week intensive training period. After training, each person will hit the ground running, be directly managed by our Head of Sales, and work hand in hand with our Sales Experts. This provides an opportunity that few Sales Development Specialist roles provide. SDS’s will have a tightly defined focus, but as a result of interacting with all stages of the customer buying journey, this SDS role will provide the opportunity to take the next step in a career in either sales, account management, early funnel sales, or support. A single track from SDS to sales does not account for varying company needs, your varied skill sets, and in the end your personal growth would be limited, thus not dynamic.

Next Steps / How to Apply:

Fill out the application form to get rolling. Then, instead of just being evaluated on your writing skills, for a role that will be defined by conveying your thoughts through spoken word, you will have the opportunity to jump off the page by speaking directly to us. After you submit the short application, we'll send you a video interview link to record your response to a few questions that will help us get to know you better and understand your communication style.


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